How can I help you?

Through 1:1 online coaching, I work with you and your body – wherever you are in the world!

If you really want to reach your goals, you not only have to train like a pro, you’ve got to eat like one too.

I can educate & coach you to make beneficial changes to your diet and lifestyle that last and give optimal results. Aligning your personal goals with my nutritional expertise, we will work together to develop not only an eating plan but a lifestyle plan that is practical and bespoke to your individual health needs. Personalised nutrition will help identify which foods can help or hinder your weight loss or fitness goals.

Nutritional coaching is important for anyone who wants to educate themselves on how their diet plan can compliment their training routine in order to reach peak physique and smash any exacting fitness goals. Eating right and supplying your body with the nutrients it needs heightens your physical ability, performance and how you feel your own skin.

How does it work?

Prior to our initial consultation together I will ask you to complete and return a comprehensive questionnaire and food diary so we can maximise our time together. This will include questions on your current lifestyle and diet, health concerns and end goals.

During the consultation we will start with the basics, discussing your current and previous health and reflecting on what you eat, when you eat it and why. It’s also helpful for me to understand any lifestyle factors such as current fitness routines, stress, family or work pressures that could be affecting your health and dietary routine.

Dependent on your goals, we will focus on what you can eat, rather than what you can’t. I will sift through any nutritional myths and educate you how to beneficially compose meals, exploring lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep and advise on relevant fitness programmes. Together we will review your nutrition and wellbeing so that I can inspire you to eat and live with balance. You will also receive a tailored diet plan aligning on our conversation together and giving you the tools to achieve your goals.

I always encourage follow-up consultations around four weeks later so that I can see how you are responding, discuss your experience and review your progress. We can also make any necessary adjustments to your nutritional programme so that I can support and motivate you to continue and succeed.

My ethos is that achieving an optimal healthy balance of nutrition and wellness is an evolving journey.

One consultation may be sufficient but a total of two to three sessions are recommended so that you feel totally on track with your new eating & wellbeing regime. My aim is to provide you with the guidance, support and the tools necessary to regain control of your nutrition and and health.

I always welcome the opportunity to speak to potential new clients for a free informal chat before any appointments are made.  This allows us both the opportunity to find out more about each other and so you can ensure that this is the right service for you before committing.

I offer 1:1 coaching via Skype, Zoom, Face time or phone.

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