I was really struggling with lack of energy in the afternoons and I was also snacking too much. My other issue was not drinking enough throughout the day. 
Hayley gave me great tips and advice for less snacking and how to balance my blood sugar levels by eating the right foods and I no longer have those ‘afternoon slumps’ anymore! She has also given me great advice on how to keep myself hydrated throughout the day. 
I am now snacking less because my diet has improved thanks to Hayley! 
I would highly recommend Hayley to anyone wanting to live a healthier life!


Ria, Nutrition Client

Before the session I struggled to know how to balance my plate properly and only really used to focus on calories. I used to snack a lot and never used to eat breakfast. Hayley helped to teach me how to plan meals that would keep be fuller for longer and stop my need for snacking or boredom eating. I would highly recommend Hayley to anyone that would like to broaden their understanding on nutrition.


Nutrition Client

I really enjoyed my Nutrition Coaching sessions with Hayley. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional whilst being friendly and approachable. She provides you with a safe space to discuss your nutrition goals and she has an incredible tailored and personal approach with her coaching. Her post session food itinerary and feedback was amazing, I noticed improvements to my mood and energy levels after implementing her suggestions which as a business owner has been incredibly helpful, her recommendations have made such a positive impact on my overall wellbeing! Highly recommend!

Suzie, London

Nutrition Client

My time with Hayley has been transformational - she has provided me with an easy to follow amendment to my daily routine and gave me clear, distinct advice on nutrition generally. I can't recommend her highly enough- she will cut through the jargon for you and make sure you understand the changes being made and their impacts. On top of that she's a lovely person too, very easy to chat to.

Matt, Kent

Nutrition client

Hayley really helped me to understand the Low Fodmap diet and made the whole process of testing different fodmaps to find out what triggered my symptoms really easy.  We managed to figure out my trigger and I now feel confident that I am much more aware of what foods I can and cannot tolerate and also how to test any I am still a little unsure on. It made the whole process much less stressful having everything explained clearly and simply and the recipe ideas were also really great and tasty! 

Rhona, London
Nutrition client

I had a session with Hayley as I was concerned about how to nourish myself effectively and also wanted to learn about how to manage some persistent digestive issues. Hayley was super understanding and easy to talk to. She is very knowledgeable and shares her wisdom in a really simple way. Hayley also provided guidance on how to move forward, a nutrition plan and tips for making it sustainable. She is a total star to work with.

Faye, London

Nutrition client

Loved the food I was advised , reduced my sugar cravings whilst also managing to loose weight and feel more energised!
Jane, Lancashire
Nutrition client

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