Setting goals in life is vital to your own well-being and living a life that is true to you.

Without asking yourself what you want in life, you’re at risk of falling subject to the goals of the system, of society and losing your own true wants and desires.

Here are five ways you can set your own goals that well and truly light you up and make you feel excited about the path of achieving them.


  1. Get REALLY Real with Yourself

Getting really real with yourself and trying to understand exactly what you want from life can be challenging but it’s also essential to getting specific about the true things that excite you. You must think BIG, from a place of ‘in an ideal world I would achieve…’ or ‘in an ideal world I would live in…’ free from limitations.

Goals need to excite you otherwise you will not build the motivation to achieve them, or you won’t feel fulfilled when you do. Set goals that are worth dedicating your energy to!


  1. Take a Holistic View

Goals setting is not limited to only your career or business, it’s important to set goals for every aspect of your life.  Try to include goals for health, relationships, learning, money and lifestyle in addition to career and business. This way you’ll develop habits to live a lifestyle that is true to you and your desires.


  1. What is your WHY?

It’s in our human nature to want to help people and have an impact on the world. When setting goals, consider what impact you want to have. WHO do you want to impact, WHAT do you want to solve, WHY do you want to help.  Thinking of this impact can really help build a powerful emotive connection between your desire and your own personal WHY which will in turn, cause your motivation to sky-rocket!


  1. Write them Down

The act of writing goals down using pen and paper can act as a powerful letter of intent with ourselves. A study by Doctor Gail Matthews showed that people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them.


  1. Take Action

Once you have written your goals down, it is essential to break them down into smaller actionable steps.  A major life goal can be overwhelming the point that you never actually take action because of limiting beliefs or it seems too far fetched. By breaking it down, you can start to understand the process of how to reach it.

Once you have your steps, TAKE ACTION!

It is better to start when you’re not ready than never at all.


‘Goals help you channel your energy into action’ - Les Brown


Suzie Clark is a personal development coach, who is passionate about helping people achieve clarity on their goals, breaking down limiting beliefs and taking action.  To seek help with your own development, visit Suzie’s Success Coaching page on Instagram or email to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to discuss how she can support you.