I wasn’t always as “fit & healthy” as I am today

Throughout my teenage years and twenties, I had little energy and my idea of exercise was picking up a glass of wine! I suffered with severe IBS and facial acne. Both of these made me feel miserable and saw me cutting social events short or missing them completely.

Not content with relying on drugs that were not completely working, I decided something else needed to change and started to review my diet and lifestyle. After researching and reading up on best practices and scientific literature, along with trying new foods and actually cooking, I slowly discovered my love for nutrition. It was here that I came to realise my very beige diet of chicken, pasta, potatoes and rice, wasn't the healthy ideal I believed it to be.

Throughout my journey I managed to pinpoint my IBS triggers to successfully control it and improve the visual health of my skin.  Alongside this, my energy levels also reaped the benefits of my improved diet. My endurance, fitness and strength all improved, re-igniting my love of sport and physical training.

It was at this point that I decided to study evidence-based nutrition, at the Sano School of Culinary Medicine, whilst gaining my fitness instructor & L3 personal trainer qualification, to help further my health and those of others.

The passion behind Balance By Hayley is the desire to empower women on the role that diet, exercise and lifestyle can play in your health and wellbeing, along with helping to alleviate any health concerns. I recognise that everybody is unique, with their own set of targets and concerns. It is my goal to come on this journey with you. To bring you the absolute best evidence-based knowledge and advice on nutrition and wellness, to bring a healthy and achievable balance to your life.


"I believe that exercise is immensely powerful and that food is something that should be enjoyed and utilised to our advantage."


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Diploma in culinary medicine, Level 3 personal trainer, Group exercise instructor, Kettlebells instructor

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