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Take Charge Event 2019

02/07/2019 | 19:00PM | Balham

Are you coasting through 2019?

Feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled?

Get yourself back on track and TAKE CHARGE at this interactive wellbeing workshop.

Optimize your health & nutrition to fuel yourself for performance with Fitness & Nutrition Coach Hayley. Discover the power of good nutrition and how you can enjoy a healthy, balanced diet that is sustainable and fits a busy lifestyle. Navigate through the mass of nutritional myths and look forward to a new healthier you.

Discover how to set goals that light you up & build a plan of action with Success Coach Suzie. We're almost halfway through the year so it's the perfect opportunity to sit down, reflect on how 2019 is going for you and set new and exciting goals to end the year on a high! We'll be diving into career, finances, relationships, health and education to help you to take charge in 2019!

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