My Journey through dance by Julius Ebreo


My professional dancing career has spanned almost 20 years, I have performed for an audience of 2 and to a stadium full of 15,000 spectators.

My journey in dance training started when I was in the University of the Philippines taking my undergraduate in BSc Hotel, Restaurant and Institution Management. The love for dance intensified as I joined different dance societies and their competing teams whilst finishing my degree. I had never really thought of dancing professionally, my initial plan was to become a successful hotelier or restaurateur. However, my time in the hospitality industry and corporate world was short and sweet. I decided one day to hand my resignation and follow my passion in dance.

I was offered a scholarship to train with a renowned Filipino dancer and choreographer Julie Alagde. She took me under her wing and trained me in jazz and contemporary dance. It was Julie who then later advised me to audition for Steps Dance Studio. Whilst on a scholarship with Steps, I also taught as a professional dance and cheerleading choreographer for various schools and universities in Manila.

Upon leaving Steps I started dancing and choreographing on TV for Hotlegs, the premiere jazz company in Manila. Then, The Walt Disney Company arrived to audition for the opening cast of Festival of the Lion King for Hong Kong Disneyland - which I landed! After 2 years performing in The Lion King, I decided to leave the show and Hong Kong for London.


This was one of the biggest risks I have taken throughout my life.... I left Hong Kong and moved to london for love.


Nothing could have prepared me for building a new life and career in London. The entertainment industry is very competitive and cut throat. I had to learn to adapt fast and juggle a mountain of jobs whilst still trying to build my profile as a professional dancer and performer.

Tenacity; optimism; enthusiasm; perseverance; discipline; kindness and professionalism are the key  traits I learnt throughout these initial years. Rejection is part of the fabric of this industry and hearing a ‘NO’ tens or hundreds of times before hearing a ‘YES’ will definitely test your will and character.

Throughout the years of performing in the UK, I have learnt to rise above rejections and consider it not as threat, but a challenge. I found opportunities for growth and development through those ‘No’s’. I am glad that my partner supported me emotionally throughout these years, you need to have someone around you that can lift your spirit when it feels like grey clouds are hanging over you.

My last show was for the National Theatre. If you asked me when I first moved to London if I would be able to set foot in the National Theatre  (one of my dream institutions) as a performer, I would have given you a resounding no. But I did it and I am so proud of myself and my efforts that I followed and achieved one of my passions.


The struggles, sacrifices and challenges are part of this whole dance journey and so are the beautiful and unforgettable lifelong learnings and experiences I received.


My  career highlights are as follow:  National Theatre’s Here Lies Love; Hong Kong Disney’s Lion King; UK/International tour of We Will Rock You; Walt Disney’s The Muppets; UK Tour Equus; Romeo and Juliet; Netflix’s Been So long; Peter Pan and Children in Need.  Performing on music videos for Katie Melua; Plan B; Ministry of Sound and Sonny J. Providing choreographies for University of Leeds; Elektra (London Fashion Week, Supperclub, Confex, Specsavers and Masked Ball); ABS-CBN; GMA 7; Nokia; Johnson and Johnson; Coca Cola; P&G; Accenture and Canon. And recently directing and choreography NYTC’s Sister Act and Hairspray.


I have recently transitioned to the fitness industry and education. I have found a new passion and I am loving this new adventure and chapter of my life.


You can catch the wonderful Julius teaching at FRAME, where I was so lucky to meet him