My yoga journey, by Zoe Woodwardd


I discovered yoga through my ego but it quickly became so much more than asana and poses. I wanted to look like the yogis on Instagram so I did an arm balancing challenge and when I discovered yoga wasn’t as easy as it looked I took to you tube to learn more about it. I soon discovered the meditative, breath work that came alongside the asana and I was hooked. It turned me from a stressed, anxious mother, wife and high flying corporate worker, into a more grounded sane person.


The next natural progression for me was to take my 200 hour yoga teacher training because I wanted share the magic I’d discovered with more people and believed if I hadn’t yet discovered yoga then there must be millions more people out there who hadn’t either. I used to be a big gym bunny but chose yoga to be my sole exercise for a couple of years but I then discovered I missed the resistance and strength work that the gym offered and also missed the environment.  I jumped head first into CrossFit last year and haven’t looked back.


My flexibility and the fact that I practice yoga daily have aided my CrossFit massively. I recover quicker from workouts, I have a great range of motion for moves like overhead squats, gymnastic movements and box jumps and I’ve got my breathing sorted for big heavy lifts.


I truly believe yoga can benefit any kind of fitness running, lifting, cycling, climbing, there’s nothing I’ve found that it won’t benefit!


Aside from the physical benefits, it has huge benefits when incorporating yoga into fitness. From the ability to grind myself in pressured competition situations, to the ability to remove the ego from my fitness when I feel it creeping in, yoga has taught me to be kinder to my body, as well as my mind.


Zoe teaches one to one yoga sessions that are unique and designed to suit your needs and requirements. You can find out more here.