Today far too many of us have become disengaged with eating. 

We are eating on the go, in a rush and more often than not eating convenience food at our desks.

Who is guilty of sitting in front of the TV and simply 'shovelling' the food in on auto-pilot?! (don't worry my hand is up in the air too!)


Mindfulness all is about engaging in the activity

So instead of focusing on The 'Gram'....... focus on your food.

Take your time to appreciate where the food came from. Give thanks to the farmer who took the time to sow the seeds, watch them sprout and grow and then carefully pick, package and deliver them to your door. Think about all the other people and processes involved in making that food available for you to buy and cook.

Appreciate the time, effort and (hopefully) the enjoyment that went into making the meal and acknowledge the privilege of being able to enjoy the nourishment it delivers to your body.

Eat your food in the present - don't just think about getting that next forkful ready, connect with it. Inhale the amazing aromas, enjoy each mouthful, think about the texture of that food when you chew, did it take a while to chew? was it soft? what flavours tingle on your tongue?


Your digestion and the way you think about food can simply improve from taking the time to embrace the enjoyment of eating.


Digestion starts in the mouth.

Most people average 7- 10 chews per mouthful, when the more chews (ideally 20) the better.

Why? .... Well chewing triggers the release of digestive enzymes in the mouth, which in turn then triggers all the other digestive processes further down the chain. Like a domino effect chewing help's the body absorb all those amazing nutrients and helps to avoid over producing gas. So take the time to eat slowly and consciously. This will also help give your brain plenty of time to get the message that you are satisfied, which in turn, will help to avoid you over eating.


By engaging in mindful eating we allow our bodies to kick start the all important digestive process.

It takes time to try and remove our selves from bad habits, but give it a go and you will soon reap the benefits, after all you deserve it.