When a client comes to me wanting to lose a large amount of body fat in a small matter of weeks, I am completely honest and advise that I am unable to help.

What I am able to do is to guide you on your nutrition so that you never have to diet again. This will help you to love your body and appreciate everything it can do for you.

There are ‘fitness and diet gurus’ out there who advocate that they can help you drop so many lbs in so many weeks. However, dropping weight this quickly is unhealthy and will make you feel irritable, lethargic and ultimately see the weight creep back on as soon as your regime returns to normal.

The best diet is a healthy, sustainable and delicious one

Nutrition is entirely individual and there is not a one rule fits all mantra, however read the below for some general healthy weight loss advice.

To start with, rather than overhauling your entire diet and lifestyle, take minor steps that could lead to major results. For instance, one way in which you can start improving your diet is to make health-conscious food swaps on a daily basis. Switching your regular meal deal chicken sandwich lunch for a slightly lower-calorie, nutrient dense, delicious homemade chicken salad is simple. Taking the time to consider where extra calories are sneaking into your meal plan is a recipe for success.


Focus on the quality of the food you eat and not the quantity. With a nutrient dense diet you will find that less volume will be wanted and the need for snacking will reduce.


Eat protein at breakfast numerous studies have shown that a healthy protein containing breakfast helps people lose weight, reduce calories, and burn calories. Protein requires more digestive effort in the stomach as hydrochloric acid tries to break down the bonds. This sees protein leaving the stomach much more slowly than a simple carbohydrate meal or other food stuffs would. Therefore start your day right with eggs or yogurt.


Get quality sleep Sleep deprivation can increase levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which can result in a desire to eat refined carbs and sugar.


Don’t eat to feel full, instead eat to feel satisfied. If you are still hungry after finishing a meal, wait for around 20-30 minutes, as it can take this amount of time for the brain to register a feeling of satiety. Eating more slowly, mindfully and consuming water will help with this.


Include weight training into your fitness regime lasting for around 40- 45 mins. These will help boost your metabolism and is the only exercise that can change your body composition.


For a more tailored approach designed specifically for you, contact me here to find out how I can help you on your journey.